The fire to be creative and eventually become self-employed was already kindled when I was a little girl. I was very enthusiastic about making and painting things that came into my head. 
To be honest, I always wanted to do something creative as a career. To create something new. Just like you do now!
Over the last few years, I have learned a lot professionally as a digital content creator / marketing manager and privately as a young woman: About self-employment, about responsibility towards ourselves and life, about the spirit and the feeling of heart within us and much more.

I think I have had a thoroughly moving life. And I've had a lot of experiences. Not everything has always gone as it should. Despite many successes, I have also had to suffer setbacks in my professional and private life, which have put my health and my being to the test. However, they have brought me to where I am today. And I am grateful for this and continue to practice regular gratitude.

The change

All in all, I have gone through many changes and personal development challenges over the past few years, both professionally and personally. I have spent the last 16 years working first in publishing, then in a fashion company and finally in television. After that, I decided to go freelance. In my private life, I left my marriage and continued on my path of spiritual development. I have traveled a lot and continue to do so. I love discovering the world. But then came corona. What was that?

Just one thing:
Exhausting. Challenging. A revelation. Nothing was the same for me anymore. It showed me a path and taught me a lot.
With the help and support of important companions. 
I realized important things: 

We need people who stand by us and help us to walk our path until we can walk it alone. Who lead us to our consciousness and to ourselves. Who ignite our creative power.

This is linked to the learning that you can accept and develop everything that you resonate with. Something that really suits you and has not been made up for you by someone else.

The learning is that you are allowed to accept and develop everything that you resonate with. Something that really suits you and hasn't been made up for you by someone else.

The experiences of the last few years have been so enriching. 
Wonderfully exciting, creative topics, paths and places that I wouldn't have gotten to if I hadn't dared to take this step. 

And the people I have met and gotten to know since then are all part of this daring change. 
 To each and everyone 
I am grateful for that.
Life has a lot in store for you when you take the step to leave your comfort zone. Obstacles that arise are there for your development. You can learn to keep going anyway, to go YOUR way. 
I would like to pass on my knowledge and experience from the last few years to you and invite you into the digital world, which holds new professions and opportunities for us.

This is exactly where I want to accompany you! I believe in you and your creative project!

Much love and maybe I'll see you soon in one of my courses!

Sincerely, yours

My certifications in art & therapy
Art therapy training (2021) with certificate

  • Further training in art therapy & stress management (2021) with certificate
  • Further training in art therapy for young people and children (2022) with certificate


My business experience

  • Freelance Consulting & Creation Social Media for many clients, just watch here
  • SWR/ARD German Television Inhouse Consulting Digital Distribution
  • MARCCAIN Premium Fashion Online Marketing and Shop
  • PANINI Publishing Magazines for Kids
  • Bachelor Degree Eberhard Karls University Tübingen
  • Abitur Isolde Kurz Gymnasium Reutlingen