As a Digital Content Creator you learn to create your own digital content designs of logos to a complete digital Brand presence online on social media, website and for products etc.

 This education is for digital starter creators who wants to 

  • be flexible and working as a freelancer for other clients
  • create an own brand, style and push it.

TEACHINGS, Tools included

Logo Design Creator

Learn, how you create your own logo, logo lettering and your individual design. 

Website Design Creator

Learn how you create a website or a landing- or funnelpage with text, layout and tools and what is important for technology and design & creation.

Videostory Design Creator Social Media

Learn how to create and tell a real video story that makes sense for your brand and your channel and what is important when editing and speaking. 

Videosound Design Creator

Everyone starts small. Learn how to choose the right sound for your videos and your brand, which musical instrument plays a role and how to select the right one in the digital sound configurator.

Fashion Print Design Creator

Learn how to design and produce your own first fashion prints using digital tools. 

The education procress

The education is a mix of comprehensive video course, personal mentoring and self-study, where you dive into the depths of yourself to create wonderful digital designs with digital tools and we activate your intutive talents.

  • 2 Month Teaching
  • 2 personal Teachings/ Week à 1 hour
  • Video course & Workbook
  • Many exercises to create 
  • Creative final project
  • Official certificate as Digital Content Creator

+ Special Gift: Get one Designbox with personal designed products for you!

Are you interested? So start your education.

2222 EUR