The meaning of the digital universe, creativity & spirit 

My thoughts & experiences

Digital creative work opens a special way to you. It is the way to an inner freedom and knowing. We are independent of places and time. The digital universe is a chance to change things in our live and keep it more simple to have good time. It is a challenge at the same time.

You start learning to understand learning more and more if you fall into the design & creation process. It's a deep inner knowledge that will let you know how things come together and push the power of innovation and future. It also let you know that freedom means responsibility. For yourself and each other.

Creativity is a wonderful way to come in connection with the inner knowledge and the intuition. It will teach you about your talents and who you are. There is a great power to connect the big spirit in ourselves.

In cases of KI, AI  and other technologies, it is more and more important to use your intuition talent when you start working in the digital universe. If you know how to use it in a good way in design & creation, you can make experiences of miracles. This is the experience of my own and a gift for me to guide you in the education courses to find you individual and special way.

Innovation is not future, it is now to see that we are more than we know. This is way I created this academy. This is powerful that you are here!